Keep that hurricane kit handy

September 27, 2018

We hope you and your families kept safe and dry during Hurricane Lane’s close passage near Hawaii, and our thoughts and well wishes to all who were impacted.

While we’re grateful the situation wasn’t worse, we’d like to remind everyone that hurricane season runs through November, so keep your hurricane kit handy! In fact, now may be a great time to take another look at your emergency plans and see if there are any gaps that should be filled – before the next storm comes along. 

Here are a few tips, courtesy of the County of Maui, National Hurricane Center and Department of Homeland Security:

  • Sign up for emergency alerts. You can register for the County of Maui’s Maka`ala Emergency Alerts Program to receive alerts and other important community news. Registration can be done online here.
  • Have an emergency preparedness plan. When disaster strikes, you may not be together with your friends and family. How will you find each other? What will you do if you lose utility services, such as water, power or phone connectivity? Are you prepared to care for pets? If you must evacuate, do you know what route you will take?
  • Prepare a supplies kit. Some recommended items include water, non-perishable food and manual can opener; battery-powered or hand-crank radio; flashlight; first aid kit; extra batteries; moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties; and wrench or pliers to turn off utilities. A more thorough list of recommended disaster supplies is available here.
  • Be informed. The Department of Homeland Security offers a series of emergency guides geared for parents, youngsters, commuters, pet owners and more.
  • Protect your health before, during and after a storm. The Centers for Disease Control offers tips on avoiding injuries and making sure your food and water are safe after a hurricane. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration provides information on protecting your food and water during power outages and floods.

As a reminder, any modifications to the exterior of your Kamalani home must first be approved by the Design Committee.

There’s a wealth of disaster preparedness information available. To learn more, visit the County of Maui Emergency Management Agency, National Hurricane Center, and Department of Homeland Security.