Stay Safe this Season

December 11, 2018

What’s on top of our wish list for Santa? That everyone has a fun, festive – and safe – Holiday Season! We hope these tips, adapted from the National Safety Council and Parents Magazine, will help keep your Holidays merry and bright. To read all of their tips, follow the links at the bottom of this article.

  • Be safe on the road. Traffic can be heavier during the holiday season, including drivers traveling to and from holiday parties where they may have enjoyed some alcohol. When you’re on the road, always use a designated driver, make sure every person in your vehicle is properly buckled up, avoid distractions like cell phones, keep your vehicle maintained, and have an emergency kit with you.
  • Decorate with care. Holiday decorations are festive and beautiful but can cause unintended injury. Follow directions carefully and take proper precautions. For example, “angel hair” is made from spun glass and can irritate your eyes and skin; wear gloves or use non-flammable cotton instead. Spraying artificial snow can irritate your lungs if inhaled. If you have young children around, ornaments that are breakable or have metal hooks should be moved up and out of reach.
  • Watch out for fire-starters. Your Christmas lights – and all electronic devices – should be free of exposed or frayed wires, loose connections or broken sockets. Don’t overload electrical circuits. Turn off holiday lights when you leave the house unattended or when going to bed. Never connect more than one extension cord together; instead, use a single cord long enough to reach the outlet without stretching, but not so long that it can easily get tangled.
  • Look for the label. Electrical items such as light strings, extension cords and electrical decorations should bear the mark of an accredited certification organization such as CSA International, UL, or ELT. That certification mark indicates the product complies with applicable standards for safety and performance.
  • Stand wisely. Always use a proper step ladder; don’t stand on chairs or other furniture.

To read the full articles, please visit the National Safety Council and Parents Magazine. Happy Holidays!