Kamalani Story

Live Together.
Grow Together.

The community of Kamalani is borne of a vision to provide Maui residents a place to live, gather, connect and flourish. Inspired by days of old, when neighbors grew friendships over a lifetime and neighborhoods were more than a collection of homes, the hopes and dreams of Kamalani are to provide a welcoming, safe, active community that is home to a wide spectrum of residents – from those taking their first steps in home ownership to seasoned buyers looking for a comfortable place to live near Maui’s sunny shores.

Kamalani is named after Kamalalawalu, the grandson of high chief Piilani, who ruled Maui kingdom in the 1500s. This name was chosen to represent the strength, leadership and vision of this famous chief and the perpetuation of these qualities over many generations.

The logo for Kamalani is inspired by the ocean at the shores of Kihei and the abundance of life within its waters. Limu, Hawaiian for seaweed, is a gift from the ocean that symbolizes many things – growth, sustainability, forgiveness, healing and strength. The perpetuating quality of limu represents Kamalani’s important lineage over many generations and serves as a fitting symbol of the many hopes and dreams for the community of Kamalani.