Application Package & Forms

Sales Applications can be picked up at our Sales Center at Kamalani in Kihei. Click here to schedule an appointment. Please make sure you have reviewed and understand the eligibility requirements for purchasing.

Each person that will be an owner or co-owner in a RWH Unit must complete and provide the following:

  • Sales Application for a Residential Workforce Housing (RWH) Unit
  • Form of Affidavit of Eligibility to Purchase a RWH Unit in Kamalani with Notary Certification
  • Loan Prequalification Letter (TO BE ATTACHED BY APPLICANT)
  • Residential Workforce Housing eligibility determination letter from a Kamalani Approved Lender (TO BE ATTACHED BY APPLICANT)

Loan prequalification is different from the County of Maui RWH eligibility determination. In addition to prequalifying for a loan, applicants must meet eligibility and income requirements set forth in the County of Maui RWH Ordinance. Kamalani Approved Lenders have been trained in and have experience with the County of Maui Residential Workforce Housing Ordinance and its eligibility requirements. These lenders may also provide applicants with a Loan Prequalification Letter.

Applicants may alternatively choose to obtain a Loan Prequalification Letter from a lender other than a Kamalani Approved Lender, and should contact Project Broker, KW Island Living regarding the RWH eligibility determination process to ensure they are eligible under the County of Maui RWH ordinance.


Approved Lenders

Central Pacific Bank
Cindi Pojas Smith
VP, Mortgage Loan Manager
NMLS #525983
Phone: 808-283-8371
Linda Ribao Fagner
Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #378758
Phone: 808-281-7446
Kim Macadangdang
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #543070
Phone: 808-281-5861

American Savings Bank
Kisha Kawakami
Residential Loan Officer
NMLS #470759
Phone: 808-281-8099
Byron Yap
Senior Residential Loan Officer
NMLS #860092
Phone: 808-280-3491
Eric Miyajima
VP/Residential Loan Manager
NMLS #470761
Phone: 808-280-6444
Ann Sakamoto
AVP/Residential Loan Team Leader
NMLS #609932
Phone: 808-872-4992​
Lisa Carillo
Residential Loan Officer
NMLS #685883
Phone: 808-872-4991

Creative Financial
Kellie Pali-Cruz
Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS #328053
Phone: 808-891-9292

Sandy Rice
VP Branch Manager
NMLS #662113
(808) 283-4856
Ed Tesoro
Senior Residential Mortgage Consultant
NMLS #662124
(808) 280-5568
Kimberly Kawachi
Senior Home Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #742851
(808) 250-9046

Elite Lending
NMLS #242063
(808) 250-6482

Approved Lenders Download

A completed and approved Sales Application Package is required in order to qualify for a condominium home in Kamalani’s first increment of Residential Workforce Housing. Your completed Application Package must be delivered or sent to:

Kamalani Sales Center
49 Kihalani Place, #3802, Kihei, HI 96753
Sales Center Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am-4pm
Closed Mondays
Phone: (808) 856-4045

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