Kamalani Homebuyer Course

The Kamalani Homebuyer Course is a prerequisite for purchasing a condominium home in the first neighborhood of Kamalani. Other requirements set by Maui County also apply. Please make sure to view the full requirements to ensure that you are eligible for Residential Workforce Housing (also known as affordable housing) in Kamalani.

Please note that everyone who will be on title (be a legal owner of the home) must attend the in-person course.

The Kamalani Homebuyer Course is held at our Kamalani Project Broker’s Office at KW Island Living in Kahului. 

Available Courses

If you are attempting to qualify for a loan that requires a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved homebuyer education course, please contact your lender for those course requirements. This Kamalani Homebuyer Course is not a replacement for or satisfaction of those prerequisites.